Recently, a member of my guild decided to post on our website a question inquiring about the origin of our screen/character names (sorry, it was a guild only post, so you won't be able to see their responses).  The post received an amazing response from guild members, all with their own little reason for the name.  I thought it was an interesting idea, one that could promote a sense of "family" amongst guild members, I decided to provide a post there as well.

The history of my character's name is actually a long one; one that as of today spans about 27 years.  That's right, it goes back to when I was a baby (aww, how cute, I know).  When I was a baby, I was given the nickname "Moosie" by one of my relatives.  Nobody actually recalls the reason why I was given the nickname, but many members of my family still refer to me by the name.

The nickname has followed me throughout life; when I was in middle/high school, the nickname "Moose" was used when I was participating in sports.  The reason for this: most athletes in our school were just referred to by their last name, however, I was always participating in the same sports as my older brother, he was referred to by our last name already, so I needed a nickname, so I provided one that I had for years already, and didn't mind.

When I went to college, our Community (a.k.a. Resident) Adviser wanted to know our nicknames for some door decorations.  Once again, I provided my nickname, and because we had 5 other people with the same first name (Eric) as me on my floor, it was just easier to call me by my nickname.

A short while into my freshman year of college, I began playing Counter Strike and joined a "clan" with the rest of the guys on my floor that played (I believe there were 7-8 guys total).  The name of the clan was "[Spaz]", and each of the players (except my roommate for some reason) had a screen name related to an animal of some sort (Cowz, Monkey, etc); thus, I became [Spaz]Moose.

A few years later, I was elected as president of our Residence Hall Association (and was still known by the nickname "Moose"), and was having a conversation with one of the other officers in the organization.  I was playfully teasing her about something, and she said that I was like a little devil, and began calling me "Moosifer" (which is a combination of "Moose" and "Lucifer").

After I had graduated from college, I was having difficulties finding a job, and began playing WoW.  My first character was a Tauren Hunter named Spazmoose, a continuation of my name from Counter Strike.  I didn't care for playing a hunter much at the time, and then ran into one of my former co-workers who mentioned that his guild was looking for priests.  I said that I would give it a try, and he told me to let him know when I got to level 60. 

I thought about being a healer, but didn't think it fit my play (or life) style, so I decided to turn to the darkside.  Because my character was leaning toward more fiendish things I felt that the name had to fit the character, and that "Spazmoose" just wouldn't be a good name for him.  However, I did want to stay with a similar name (so that others could find me if they wanted), so I decided to combine some of my past nicknames, resulting in "Spazmoosifer, Priest of the Shadows", and he has been my main character ever since.

Well, there you have it, that is the history of my main character's name.  Now, I ask you, "What's in a name?"

See you in the Shadows,

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